Richard (Dick) Wolff

A celebration of Dick Wolff's life will be held on Sunday, March 18, at 2 pm at the Montclair Women's Club, 82 Union Street, Montclair, NJ.


We'll share memories of Dick as co-worker, leader, hiker, skier, mentor, friend.  Two sections are planned:  Dick at Work, in which several speakers from CPA society will speak, then Dick as Leader, with speakers to talk about Dick's outdoor activities.  After the listed speakers, an open mic will be available for others to add their remembrances in celebration of Dick's life.


Directions by car:  GPS, Google map, or NJ road map to Montclair.  Bloomfield Avenue is the main road.  Proceed to South Fullerton Avenue.  Three blocks south of Bloomfield Avenue, South Fullerton intersects with Union Street.  Turn right and find number 82 on the left; there is parking in the rear of the building or on the street.  Metered and non-metered parking spaces are free on Sunday in Montclair!


By bus from NYC:  Take DeCamp No. 33 from Port Authority.  Ask the driver to let you off at Bloomfield and North Fullerton Avenue.  Cross the street carefully at the crosswalk and walk south on South Fullerton for three blocks.  Turn right; you will find number 82 on the left.  By the way, for half-price senior bus tickets, go to the NJ Transit window at Port Authority and ask for the blue senior pass.  You'll need one little blue paper for each ticket (two blues for round trip).  Take them across the floor to the DeCamp window and present the blues and your money, approximately $3.75, one way, and Bob's your uncle.  Good luck finding the gate downstairs.  Ask.  They keep moving it!


The Women's Club phone number is 973-744-9552; volunteers answer it sporadically.